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Individualized internal exposure doses reconstruction for the persons of Ukraine State Register:
Report 1. Locally,specific models and doses of persons living in Rokytne raion of Rivne oblast, Ovruch raion of Zhytomyr oblast and Ivankiv raion of Kyiv oblast

I. A. Likhtarov1, L. N. Kovgan1, S. V. Masiuk1, . N. Ivanova1, M. I. Chepurny1, Z. N. Boyko1, V. B. Gerasymenko1, S. A. Tereshchenko2, I. G. Kravchenko2, G. I. Kortushin2, O. D. Marcenjyk2
1State Institution National Research Center for Radiation Medicine of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Melnykov str., 53, Kyiv, 04050, Ukraine
1State Institution Ukrainian Centre of Information Technologies and National Register of Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Kramskogo str., 21a, Kyiv, 03115, Ukraine

Study objective. Dosimetric support of the Ukrainian State Register of persons, affected due to the Chornobyl accident (SRU). Development the system of models and procedures for the individualized internal doses reconstruction for the subjects of SRU residing in radioactive contaminated territories of Rokytne raion of Rivne oblast, Ovruch raion of Zhytomyr oblast and Ivankiv raion of Kyiv oblast.
Materials and methods. A detailed description for the schematic diagram of the methodology and mathematical relations of ecological-dosimetric models are given. It allows to reconstruct the individualized doses from the ingestion of food contaminated by radiocesium after the Chornobyl accident for the subjects of SRU from three raions of Rivne, Zhytomyr and Kyiv oblasts. Phenomenologically, the developed models are close to the previously developed complex of ecological and dosimetric models intended to estimate the reference doses for the entire population of Ukraine. Calibration of model parameters is based on mathematical treatment for results of extensive radioecological (radiocesium milk contamination) and dosimetric (radiocesium burden in human body) monitorings, that were provided in the period of 19862012 in the settlements of raions under consideration.Completeness and periodicity of radioecological and dosimetric monitorings allowed to realize the settlement-specific approach for dose re-construction, wherein for each settlement either the function of radiocesium intake with diet () or the function of time-variation of radiocesium concentration in the local cow's milk () were established. Absolute ra-ion milk equivalent of the diet (ARMEr) and relative age dependent intake of radiocesium with diet () are specified as a raion-specific functions for each raion. ARMEr is used to calculate the doses of adults in the settlement for which the function was specified. is used to calculate the doses for the subjects of four children age groups (< 2 years old, 3-7 years old, 8-12 years old, 1317 years old).
Results and conclusions. Models for individualized internal exposure doses reconstruction of SRU subjects are developed. The individualized doses are estimated for 28711 SRU subjects from Rokytne raion, 18790 SRU subjects from Ivankiv raion and 41585 SRU subjects from Ovruch raion. Results of doses individualization are given as annual average doses for the period of 19872012. The distribution of SRU subjects of different raions over the intervals of doses accumulated over the entire observation period is also given. Values of total (from internal and external exposure) doses for SRU subjects of the raions under consideration are given, as well.
Key words: Medical and Dosimetric Registry, ecological and dosimetric models, individualized exposure dose, doses reconstruction, the Chornobyl accident.

Problems of radiation medicine and radiobiology. 2014;19:80-101.

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