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Problems of Radiation Medicine and Radiobiology



Cytogenetic analysis of radioprotective properties of sodium lignogumate after γ-exposure in Allium-test

V. M. Shkarupa, S. V. Klymenko, V. V. lko
State Institution National Research Center for Radiation Medicine of the National Academy ofMedical Sciences of Ukraine, 53, Melnykov str., Kyiv, 04050, Ukraine

Objective. Comprehensive cytogenetic analysis of the effects of sodium lignohumate in induced γ-irradiation mutagenesis in Allium-test.
Materials and methods. Analysis of the root meristem cells of Allium cepa L. seeds carried by ana-telophase. Lignohumate investigated the effect of sodium (100 mg/l) on cytogenetic effects γ-irradiation (137Cs) at doses of 5, 10 and 20 Gy.
Results. Polyfunctionality lignohumate sodium antimutagen as provided by the presence not only antioxidant properties, but other antimutagenic mechanisms. Thus Lignohumate sodium exhibits radioprotective properties of the therapeutic. Stimulation of repair processes influenced lignohumate depends on the radiation dose. It is most effective at a dose of 5 Gy. Upon irradiation at doses of 10 Gy and 20 predominate, other mechanisms, including stimulation of apoptosis and repopulation. Spotted differential activity of the drug with respect to various types of aberrations are most effectively reducing the frequency of radiation markers mutagenesis chromosomal aberrations manifested in lower efficiency of long term survivors against potential changes of chromosomes compared with short-lived.
Conclusions. Revealed multiple mechanisms for implementing antimutagenic properties lignohumate sodium γ-irradiation-induced mutagenesis in Allium-test.

Key words: antimutagenesis, lignohumate sodium, γ-irradiation, Allium-test therapeutic radioprotector.

Problems of radiation medicine and radiobiology. 2014;19:490-508.

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