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Problems of Radiation Medicine and Radiobiology



Way to improve the radiation hygenic monitoring on contaminated territories

A. B. Bilonyk, V. . Buzunov, V. V. Vasylenko, V. O. Pikta
State Institution National Research Center for Radiation Medicine of the National Academy of MedicalSciences of Ukraine, Melnykov str., 53, Kyiv, 04050, Ukraine
State institution Sanitary & Epidemiological Centre of Ministry of Health of Ukraine,Yaroslavska street, 41, Kyiv, 04071, Ukraine

Study objective. To provide an effective radiation hygienic inspection and population protection from ionizing radiation in the late period after the Chornobyl NPP (ChNPP) accident within reforming of the state sanitary & epidemiological supervision services.
Materials and methods. The radiation hygienic monitoring (RHM) is performed in Ukraine within the scope of state sanitary & epidemiologic supervision by 158 radiological subdivisions of the sanitary & epidemiological station (SES).
The structure of these subdivisions has been created taking into account the territorial regional bounds, a presence of radiological supervision services and ChNPP accident consequences. Nowadays it consists of regional, district, municipal subdivisions, central SESs of Crimea autonomous republic and transport subdivision. In 20122013 the State Sanitary & Epidemiological Service of Ukraine had been reformed and reorganized and then in several cases it wasn't optimal for RHM performance.
Results and conclusions. The fulfilled analysis of radiation hygienic supervision and protection of population of contaminated regions and efficiency analysis of that supervision and protection allowed to find out and to propose some methods to improve the actual radiation hygienic supervision monitoring system on contaminated Ukrainian areas after the ChNPP accident. It is essential to restore the radiological subdivision (departments, units, labs or groups) work in the State sanitary & epidemiology service structure and to design coordinated and approved methodical recommendations to implement the RHM on contaminated areas to improve and optimize the RHM performance there.

Key words: radiation hygiene monitoring, State sanitary & epidemiological service, contaminated areas, specific activity.


Problems of radiation medicine and radiobiology. 2013;18:3137.

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