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State Institution "The National Research Center for Radiation Medicine"

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Problems of Radiation Medicine and Radiobiology



D. A. Bazyka1, O. O. Lytvynenko1, O. O. Lytvynenko2

1State Institution :National Research Center for Radiation Medicine of the National Academy of Medical
Sciences of Ukraine, 53 Yuriia Illienka St., Kyiv, 04050, Ukraine
2National Institute of Cancer of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, 33/43 Lomonosova St., Kyiv, 03022,


Any collection of objects of study needs some arrangement, i. e. classification. The existing numerous classifications of anti-radiation agents are built on the basis of their anti-radiation effects of an integrated or differentiated nature. The work presents the chronology of the main classifications of chemical compounds that are able to protect against the short-term and long-term effects of ionizing radiation when they are introduced into the body both before and after exposure. The change of views, trends and paradigms regarding radioprotective compounds is shown. These classifications of anti-radiation medicines include radioprotectors, means of stimulating the radioresistance of the body, means of prevention and suppression of the primary reaction to irradiation, means of prevention and treatment of lesions from exposure to incorporated radionuclides, means of treatment of acute bone marrow syndrome, means of treatment of local radiation lesions. It is shown that modern concepts of radiation protection are based on fundamentally different points of application of groups of radioprotective agents and depend on the stage of radiation damage.
Key words: irradiation, radiation damage, anti-radiation drugs, classification, radioprotectors, radiomodifiers, adaptogens, radiomitigators, decorporation agents.

Problems of Radiation Medicine and Radiobiology.
2022;27:84-106. doi: 10.33145/2304-8336-2022-27-84-106

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