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Problems of Radiation Medicine and Radiobiology



. . Ivanova1, S. V. Masiuk1, Z. N. Boiko1, . . Chepurny1, V. B. Gerasymenko1,
G. V. Fedosenko1, V. V. Vasylenko1, L. O. Lytvynets1, V. O. Pikta1, L. . Kovgan2, N. S. Zhadan2,
S. . Tereshchenko3, . G. Kravchenko3, G. . rtushin3, . D. Marcenjuk3, A. G. Kukush4

1State Institution «National Research Center for Radiation Medicine of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine», Melnykova str., 53, Kyiv, 04050, Ukraine
2Ukrainian Radiation Protection Institute of the Academy of Technological Sciences of Ukraine,
Melnykov str., 53, PO Box 52, Kyiv, 04050, Ukraine
3State Institution « Ukrainian Centre of Information Technologies and National Register» of Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Kramskogo str., 21a, Kyiv, 03115, Ukraine
4Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Volodymyrska str., 60, Kyiv, 01033, Ukraine

Reconstruction of individualized doses of subjects from the Ukrainian State Register – of Persons that Affected due to Chornobyl accident and reside in Korosten raion of Zhytomyr oblast

Study objective. To elaborate an ecological-dosimetric model of reconstruction individualized exposure doses of subjects from the State Register of Ukraine (SRU) – of persons, affected due to Chornobyl accident and reside at the radioactive contaminated territory of Korosten raion of Zhytomyr Oblast, and to calculate exposure doses for those persons.
Materials and methods. In the paper, an ecological-dosimetric model is presented which is elaborated in order to individualize exposure doses of people who reside in Korosten raion of Zhytomyr Oblast and are registered in SRU. The model is based on the results of radio-ecological and dosimetric monitoring held in the period of 1986–2013 at the territory of northern oblasts of Ukraine. Annual dose over each post-accidental year consists of the two components: (a) annual effective dose of external gamma exposure (due to radioactive fallout on the ground), and (b) internal exposure of the whole body (due to consumption of meal contaminated by radioactive isotopes). For 1986, the dose of internal exposure is evaluated out of all main radionuclides of radioactive accidental fallout, and after 1987 only for radioisotopes of caesium (134Cs and 137Cs). The parameterization of the model is based on the previous experience in working out a complex of ecological-dosimetric models for estimation of referent exposure doses of Ukrainian population.
Results and conclusions. Individualized doses of external and internal exposure (annual and accumulated) are estimated for the population of various age groups that resides in the settlements of Korosten raion (totally about 100 settlements). Separately the doses are presented for rural settlements of the raion and for the city of Korosten for each year of the post-accidental period of 1986–2016. Estimates of doses are given that were accumulated: (a) during 15 years just after the accident, (b) for the period of 2000–2016, and (c) for 30 year period after the accident. Mean dose accumulated for 30 years after the Chornobyl accident by residents of rural settlements of Korosten raion is estimated as 19.8 mSv, and for inhabitants of the Korosten city as 20.9 mSv. On condition of permanent residence in the raion, residents of about 66 % settlements of Korosten raion accumulated the doses in the interval 5-20 mSv during 30 years after the accident. For the residents of about 25 % settlements the accumulated dose is in the interval 20–50 mSv, and for 7 % of settlements it exceeds 50 mSv.
Key words: Chornobyl accident, dose of external exposure, dose of internal exposure,  cological-dosimetric model, individualized exposure doses, medical-dosimetric register, reconstruction of exposure doses.

Problems of radiation medicine and radiobiology. 2017;22:126–145.

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