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Problems of Radiation Medicine and Radiobiology



P. A. Fedirko1, N. A. Garkava2

1State Institution National Research Centerfor Radiation Medicine of the National Academy of MedicalSciencesofUkraine,53MelnykovaStreet,Kyiv,04050,Ukraine

Microcirculation violations of the conjunctiva in clean-up workers of the Chornobyl NPP accident

Objective. Explore hemomicrocirculation changes after radiation exposure depending of irradiation dose in dynam- ics.
Materials and methods. The research conducted on 470 clean-up workers of the Chornobyl NPP accident. After 1015 years after radiation exposure examined 450 Chornobyl clean-up workers in age of 28 to 65 years. The con- trol group consisted of 110 industrial workers who had not a contact of IR. In 22 years after radiation exposure sep- arately examined 20 randomly selected Chornobyl clean-up workers accident. The microcirculation state examine by the vessels biomicroscopy of the bulbar conjunctiva. The statistical analysis of the results of the study included the determination of the t coefficient (Students), correlation coefficient and its error.
Results. The research of the state of microcirculation in the conjunctiva revealed the presence of significant irreg- ularities in exposure persons in the period of 1015 years after radiation exposure. The dependence educed of the degree and frequency of pathology of the microvessels of dose accumulation. In 22 years after radiation exposure hemomicrocirculation violations remained widespread, a large proportion was vascular and perivascular changes. Established that the dose dependences for changes of the microcirculation in the remote period in participants work at Chornobyl in 1986 save.
Conclusions. It is shown that the appearance of the significant violations of microcirculation state in the conjunc- tiva observed in exposed persons in the period from 10 to 15 years after radiation exposure. In 22 years after radi- ation exposure dose dependence hemomicrocirculation violations remained widespread, and clinical features are preserved.
Key words: ionizing radiation, Chornobyl accident, microcirculation, conjunctiva.

Problems of radiation medicine and radiobiology. 2016;21:345351.

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