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Problems of Radiation Medicine and Radiobiology



Hapieienko D., Lavrenchuk H.

Radiomodifying and antitoxic effect of natural polymineral substances on the viability of the cell line L929 under the combined exposure to ionizing radiation and ions of heavy metals

Objective: to study the radiomodifying and antitoxic effect of natural polymineral substances on cell viability in vitro under the combined exposure to ionizing radiation and ions of heavy metals.
Materials and methods. Research was performed on an inoculated proliferating culture of the L929 cell line. Water-soluble salts of lead acetate, copper, nickel and chromium oxide were added to the cell line culture at concentrations of 0.0110.00 mol/L one hour before exposure to radiation at doses of 0.5; 5.0; 10.0 Gy, delivered 24 hours after the passing. Polymineral substances Minerol and Benta were added to the cell cultures in the form of a supernatant aqueous solution in a nutrient-rich environment one hour after the exposure. Cellular response was evaluated on the indicators of viability: the number of cells on the surface of 0.05 mm2, mitotic index and the polycaryocytes index.
Results showed that natural polymineral substances Minerol and Benta demonstrated a radiomodifying and an antitoxic ability in the test-system culture of proliferating cells under the combined exposure to radiation and heavy metals; specifically: their use elevated cell vitality in monolayer cultures by 1.52.0 times and the mitotic cell activity by 26 times during a simultaneous mixing of atypical polycaryocytes. It is the quality for which they can be recommended as a prophylactic tool used to decrease negative effects that appear under the combined influence of radiation and xenobiotics.

Key words: heavy metals, ionizing radiation, cell culture, survival, proliferation, polymineral substances.

Problems of radiation medicine and radiobiology. 2015;20:474-489.

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