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Problems of Radiation Medicine and Radiobiology



Bebeshko V. G., Bruslova K. M., Tsvyetkova N. M., Volodina T. T., Pushkarova T. I.,  Lyashenko L. O., Panchenko L. M., Iatsemirskii S. M.

Evaluation of median survival patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia exposed to ionizing radiation by the Chornobyl accident, depending on the aminoacid composition of stromal fibroblasts bone marrow and indicators of myelogram

Objective. To investigate the aminoacid composition in the stromal fibroblasts of bone marrow and indexes of hemogram in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemias, which exposed to radiation from the Chornobyl accident, for evaluation of the median survival.
Materials and methods. In the study 54 patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, residents of Kyiv, Zhytomyr and Chernihiv regions of Ukraine were involved. Effectiveness of stromal fibroblasts colony forming units of bone marrow and aminoacid composition of fibroblasts were studied. Bone marrow examination was conducted on day 33 and after stop of chemotherapy, the median survival of patients and exposure dose were evaluated.
Results. In children with acute leukemias effectiveness of stromal fibroblasts of bone marrow was 2–2.3 times lower than normative. Correlation (rs = +0.83) between the number of erythroid progenitor cells in the bone marrow and proline content in stromal fibroblasts established . The correlation between patients median survival and number of granulocytes in myelogram (rs = + 0.82) was proven. Mean exposure doses in patients was (5.86 ± 1.11) mSv and it did not correlate with myelogram results, effectiveness of stromal fibroblasts of bone marrow and median survival.
Conclusions. The median survival of patients with acute leukemias depends on the content of amino acids in stromal fibroblasts of bone marrow and recover of hematopoiesis after chemotherapy.

Key words: children, acute lymphoblastic leukemias, hematopoiesis, stromal fibroblasts, amino acids in the urine and fibroblasts, median survival.

Problems of radiation medicine and radiobiology. 2015;20:311-318.

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