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Problems of Radiation Medicine and Radiobiology



Vasylenko V. V., Nechaev S. Yu., Tsigankov M. Ya., Ratia G. G., Berkovskyy V. B., Pikta V. ., Shpachenko D. I., Zadorozhna G. M., Mishhenko L.P.

Main internal dose-forming factors for inhabitants of contaminated regions at current phase of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident (Kyiv region as an example)

Objective of this work is revealing of main dose-forming factors of internal doses for inhabitants of contaminated regions of Kyiv region relying on the results of integral dosimetric monitoring.
Materials and methods. Three villages have been chosen for the investigation. They are: Raghivka, Zelena Poliana (Poliske district), Karpylivka (Ivankiv district). Twice a year, in May and in October those villages residents were inspected for content of incorporated 137Cs. They were measured by direct method at the place of residence with the help of whole body counters (WBC). The principal food samples were collected for detection of 90Sr and 137s content. Those villages' inhabitants were interviewed about food consumption levels. Mathematical, dosimetric and radiochemical methods were used in this work
Results and conclusions. The estimation of internal doses due to intake of 137Cs by ingestion of milk and potatoes are in the range 0.334% of doses estimated on the base of WBC data. The contribution to the dose of internal exposure from intake of 137Cs with the milk consumption is no more than two times higher than the contribution of potatoes consumption in the case of equal consumption levels of these products. Contributions to the dose of internal exposure from intake of 90Sr with milk and potatoes consumptions are approximately similar. Consumption of mushrooms and other wild nature products by inhabitants from the inspected settlements is the main forming factor of internal dose due to 137Cs intake.

Key words: internal exposure, integrated radiological monitoring, whole body counter (WBC), ingestion intake of 90Sr and 137s.

Problems of radiation medicine and radiobiology. 2015;20:147-156.

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