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Problems of Radiation Medicine and Radiobiology



Nechaev S. Yu.

Maintenance of radiation protection at a drawing-board stage of the Shelter Object transformation into environmentally safe system

Special aspects of radiation protection maintenance at a drawing-board stage of the Shelter Object transformation into environmentally safe system are shaped in the article. Information is provided on the basis of analysis of design plans and specifications both with project paperwork from activities at the ShO in 2002-2015 on accordance to requirements of the Ukrainian health legislation in the field of radiation hygiene regulations. Specific features of radiation factors at the ShO were identified accounting their emergency origination. Relevancy of assessment of a range of activity types and technologies impact on radiation situation in the operation environment was reviewed and substantiated. General characteristics of radiation exposure and resulting doses in personnel under the activity execution are provided followed by the requirements to estimates of anticipated radiation doses. Features and peculiarities of application of the Ukrainian health legislation in a field of radiation hygienic regulations are reviewed in a view of meeting the requirements of NRBU-97, NRBU-97/D-2000, OSPU-2005, SPORO-85, SP AES-88 and other health legislative regulatory documents under conditions of work at the ShO. By the virtue of analysis of radiation hygienic factors at the ShO the special aspects of choice of individual and collective radiological protection arrangements for personnel were identified, namely the individual protective gear and respiratory protection equipment, shielding, decontamination, dust suppression, ventilation, sanitary pass control, sanitary barriers, scope and types of radiological control, setting the design levels of radiological environment parameters, criteria for the most safe options (technologies) of work execution.

Key words: radiological protection, engineering of work at the ShO, individual protective gear and collective protective tools, scheduled doses of personnel exposure.

Problems of radiation medicine and radiobiology. 2015;20:127-136.

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